Social Marketing Software

Social Marketing Tools
From 2013-2014 I worked extensively on a software suiteĀ meant to help marketers make the most out of their social marketing campaigns. Utilizing social network APIs, these tools featureĀ beta functions, simplified workflows, and bulk power tools. They were used by content planners and advertisers for some of the biggest brands, running hundreds of thousands of ads using complex algorithms and system configurations.
The biggest benefit in these tools were the automated workflows and configurations. Brands could use multiple feeds to build logical automation processes so that ads and posts were sent out and optimized automatically, saving manual effort and ongoing maintenance costs.
Settings & Creation
Throughout this suite, there are many ways for users to setup preferences and create library assets such as schedules and audiences. These typically fell within greater workflows and were shown as needed for power users to do more on-the-fly.
Organization & Previews
A big aspect of social marketing is ensuring the final deliverables appear correctly and are trackable. Throughout all tools, I provided naming convention specifications, as well as robust preview functionality so every post or ad appeared just right once it launched.
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